Greg Rutherford Swears By Magnesium For Recovery

Magnesium Original Flakes 1kg  Apparently Greg Rutherford, our Olympic Gold Medal Long-Jumper, uses the magnesium I use and have recommended previously to you, to aid his muscle recovery.

So, all you sports enthusiasts and muscle pain/weakness problem people, take note. See here where I wrote about this spray for helping fatigue and fibromyalgia – same principle. You can get all the Better You stuff as usual at Natural Dispensary.

Magnesium strikes GOLD!

Were you watching on Saturday night when Team GB took three gold medals in the athletics to complete Britain’s best day at an Olympic Games for a century?

We were at BetterYou HQ, not just because we are proud to be British but also as we are proud to be supporting Greg Rutherford!

Greg has been using our magnesium flakes in the run up to the games to support his intense training regime . . .


Greg on magnesium . . .

Greg says:”Transdermal magnesium is something that I really believe in – it goes hand-in-hand with all my training.


“With the history of issues in my hamstrings and other parts of my body, I 100% believe that high levels of magnesium have helped me stay on top of the problems.”

Relive Greg’s victorious moment here or find out a bit more about him here on The Nutri Centre sports blog – they had the pleasure of meeting Greg before the games, we are all very jealous!

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