#Coeliac Awareness Week

It is Coeliac Awareness Week, I see. If you recall, last year I did a series of posts for you. Since then, I have written a ton on the gluten subject!

Here is a selection of some of those from last year and a couple of others for you to re-read:

Gluten Free Diet Not Working? Top Next 5 Steps.

Evidence Gluten Sensitivity Is Different to Coeliac Disease 

More On Gluten Withdrawal

Gluten Sensitivity and Coeliac Testing

Coeliac – A Brain Not Gut Disease

Coeliac and Gluten – Will I Get Less Sensitive?

Can We Stop The Gluten Sensitivity?

Enjoy those – lots of truly useful info and a different viewpoint to the usual coeliac stuff. For the rest of this Coeliac Awareness Week 2012, I’m going to give you a truly gluten free recipe each day for your delectation. Watch out for them!

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