Truly #Gluten Free – What One Thing Would Help You Most?

I need your help. Over the past few months, I have been busy beavering away, pulling together all the research and knowledge we have gained so far about grain and gluten sensitivity and, most especially, the best way to treat it.

Our biggest need, as far as I see it, is to identify what causes gluten illness so we can treat it. It’s all very well keep saying ‘avoid, this, avoid that’ but, frankly, I am fed up of avoidance and want to stop my body developing any more sensitivities and avoid auto-immune and inflammatory damage in future. I am guessing that’s what you all want too?

If we can understand the processes gluten ingestion sparks off in the body in genetically sensitive people, we have a chance of stopping them. If we can identify what other factors prevent us from solving the issues (eg. adrenal fatigue, viruses etc etc) – even when we have given up the gluten grains – we have a shot at sorting out as many as we can, thus reducing the pressure on the body and allowing it chance to heal.

So, just a little ask, then!

I thought hard about what I would have wanted when I first came across the problem. Simply put, I wanted someone to explain the whole thing to me and then take me by the hand and pull me through diagnosis and treatment bit by bit. Most importantly, I wanted to feel better and stop the process, even if I could never eat the grains again (although that would be nice!!)

So, I sat down to write a Plan.

There are only ever going to be a certain number of people I can see – and I am already thinking of getting other therapists to support people on the plan in the not too distant future – so I have designed the TrulyGlutenFree Plan (or whatever it will be called!) to work as a self-help programme taking you step by step through the gluten free/multiple intolerance treatment.

But, I’ve written the first draft of what I think you need. What I really need to know now is what you actually do need; I am a little too close to it all now to be confident of that so am calling on your help.

Please take the time to answer the following question and send it back to me asap; it will ultimately help you and others enormously. This will enable me to see what needs crop up most often and I can make sure the Plan includes answers and clarity. You can put your name and email if you like but it is not required. There is space to add any other comment you like, too.

Is that OK? Good. Here we go then, and thank you in advance:

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  1. I don’t think I’d mind not having grains for the rest of my life, knowing what damage they can cause and how unhealthy they are. However it would be awefully nice to see some other pain in the bum (literally!) sensitivities go, so I can start healing and start enjoying meals again.
    Good luck witht he survey!

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