Chocolate Smoothie For Breakfast Anyone?

Yum, yum. Proper cacao is extremely high in antioxidants so why not have some to set you up for the day?

Check out the Super Breakfast Smoothie in the Elements for Life recipes. You don’t have to add kelp, rosehip powder etc but raw cacoa nibs or powder mixed with banana, berries and whatever milk you can have (hemp in my cupboard and yet to try as usual!) with a sweetener maybe (like honey) will work well and be delicious. Let us have your smoothie recipes.

My fave ones – the Juicy Breakfast Shake and the Hot Banana, Cinnamon & Chocolate Smoothie – are in the How To Eat Well recipe book if you need more yummy ideas. A version of another high protein fave, the Ultra Smooth smoothie is here too.

Tip: make plenty and as long as you seal your smoothie in a tight container like a flask, it will do for lunch and/or snacks too. Power houses of nutrition and energy and you only have to make it once. What’s not to like?

Tip 2: don’t forget you can add your supplements to it too and disguise the yukky taste of them!

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