Digestive Munchy Mix

Have you seen those little dishes of seeds and herbs people of Indian descent traditionally dip into after a meal to help their digestion? I have always thought that was a great idea.

I note now that Conscious Foods have launched a Digestive Mix and that it is now available from Natural Dispensary along with lots of their wheat and dairy free crackers, some of which I have found yummy.

Here are the details of the mix for you:


Best-selling product which helps enhance digestion and quality of life

Conscious Food’s Digestive Mix is our proprietary ancient, Ayurvedic blend of herbs, seeds and spices that has been specifically formulated to help enhance digestion and your quality of life and took several years to develop. 

An aromatic crunchy mix made to a traditional Indian recipe packed full of nutrients it will freshen your breath, aid your digestion beautifully, soothe your system and revitalise your spirit.  It may also help to ease digestive disorders such as bloating, acid reflux, constipation, Crohn’s and IBS.  It can be taken if you are on other medication. 

The dosage is ½ a teaspoon chewed after each meal, one jar contains a month’s supply.

Why it works:

Every single digestive problem, including, Crohn’s, IBS, colitis, diverticulitis, acid, diarrhoea, constipation, etc is the result of your body’s inability to digest food properly. Our ayurvedic digestive mix naturally aids your digestive process restoring your normal bodily functions. The moment you start chewing our Digestive Mix, you activate its ingredients which, in turn, start releasing digestive enzymes that govern your digestion and, as it travels down, it strengthens and tones your entire digestive system thus, over time, restoring it to its original, healthy state thus curing the problem.

Ingredients: Fennel seed, peppermint, liquorice, jaggery, dhania dal, ajwain, flax seeds

What a good idea. I note too that Conscious Foods do a version of this as a tea. Bit costly but may be worth it if you need to digest better and calm your tummy down. I’m not sure ND has it online but ask them and I’m sure they would get it for you.

Have a go.

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  1. Hi Micki

    I have to say that ajwain seeds are viewed as a ‘cure all’ with regards to stomach related issues in India. My Mum swears by it and at the first signs of tummy trouble the ajwain comes out. when I went to India I noticed that all family members followed with a digestive supplement afterwards. On that trip my whole family commented on how they felt ‘cleansed’ and that their digestive systems unblocked !!!! I think it is bishops weed in English.

    Also noticed that over there there are no Rennies etc………it’s all natural.

    Helen x

    1. Fab, thanks for that feedback. Just need to know if it is TGF safe now then. Can anyone help with quizzing the company to save me a job…?

  2. Hi Micki

    It’s Kristina from Conscious Food here and I’m delighted that you’ve featured our product the Digestive Mix. I am here to answer any of your questions that you may have. With regards to the Digestive Tea – it may look expensive but one jar actually makes over 300 cups of tea as the quality of the herbs that we use is extremely high. To give you an example our peppermint comes from a NGO high up in the Himalayas where the only access is on foot – no electricity, no pollution, and it has never seen a pesticide or chemical in its entire history. As a result we can only get certain quantities but the concentration is very potent. So you only need to use 1/2 teaspoon per litre of tea.

    The same can be said of all our ingredients which come from small organic farms so you most definitely notice the difference compared to mass produced ingredients, even if they come from organic farms.

    1. Hi Kristina,

      Thanks for visiting us. Kind of you to offer help. As you can see we are dealing with grain (as opposed to traditional gluten) and dairy sensitivity. We wondered if your tea and digestive mix use any grain in processing (ie corn washes, sugar on the jaggery etc) or if there is any in the finished products?

      1. Ha! Kristina, sorry I was on the wrong blog there for a mo. I wrote about this too on my trulyglutenfree blog here, hence me asking about grains etc. Doh.

  3. Has anyone tried this ? Would love to hear if you have bought it has it done you good.

    Guess it’s instead of a digestive enzyme. What do you look for in a digestive enzyme – how do you know it’s “good” or “bad”? What should you look for. I’ve been taking one and it reduces bloating after you’ve taken it but the next morning I have a really bloated tummy under the belly button that looks really weird. Think I may have to try a different make. Should it do that?

    1. As I have said before, enzymes are causing trouble because they are grown on aspergillus which is itself grown on starch (ie grain most of the time). I am still sorting out what we do instead, hence this suggestion of munchy mix. Still trialling DiPan 9.

  4. angie here, ive been using digestive mix for a week now and im started to feel a little bit better its early days yet but truely believe it will work also like everything, we have to give it time, my belching is getting better also pain isnt as bad, I was able to eat my dinner without any complaint, as long as you eat small amounts I think that will go well with the mix, if you need to drink after food leave it for at least half an hour after chewing the mix that is what i do and I find it works, im looking forward to a speedy recovery. thank you.

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