Can You Trust #Gluten Free Labelling?

I am sure many producers of gluten free goods try their hardest to get their products as free from gluten as they can. But, there are so many pitfalls, it is not always that easy. This is why you often hear me muttering on about not relying on processed gluten free substitutes (most of which contain corn anyway) and having food you have made yourself as much as you can. You can’t always tell if a product is doing you damage because not everyone gets symptoms, but you do need to think about it before putting something in your mouth.

As a example, read this post from the US on labelling: What You Need To Know About False Gluten Free Labelling. I am not sure how likely these things are in the UK, but I assume we are not that much different.

The other point I don’t necessarily agree with which is highlighted here is the new 20ppm gluten free labelling law that came in this year. It is certainly a step in the right direction but see the next post for why I don’t think it is good enough (although I am realistic enough to know that we can never get to a zero ppm label; it just could never happen in a processed food no matter how hard we all try).

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