Toxic Clothing Chemicals

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I recently bought a set of towels from Next. When I got them home, I left them on the dining room table saving the pleasure of unwrapping them (I am a towelaholic, P reckons this is the sole reason I started out as a massage therapist and he’s probably right). When I came into the room later to, ahem, play with them, I noticed a really strong chemical smell. I left them in a bedroom for a few days to see if it would wear off, but the smell was just as strong and so I returned them unused.

Then, the other day, I saw the piece in the Daily Mail: Toxic Dyes, Lethal Logos, Cotton Drenched in Formadehyde… and it all clicked into place. Of course, cotton is the most sprayed crop on the planet and it seems many other chemicals are added to our clothing, bedding, towels, upholstery and anywhere you care to look. I have long advocated organic unbleached underwear for recurrent thrush sufferers, for example.

Have a read of the piece, and download Dirty Laundry by Greenpeace which is mentioned in the article.

Then, check the now burgeoning suppliers of organic goodies. I often use  Natural Collection who do tons of ethical stuff and have recently massively extended their organic clothing and bedding ranges.

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