#Corn Allergy

Corn is becoming the real ‘baddie’ grain in patients so far, especially with migraines and headaches – and yet no-one seems to give it a second thought in FreeFrom world, with manufacturers using it willy-nilly in ‘gluten’ free foods.

Check out this exchange of emails at FoodsMatter with Rosie bemoaning the prevalence of corn to Editor Michelle. Think you can’t have corn allergy? Think again.

Interestingly, I read the other day that gluten expert Dr Fasano in Maryland, thinks there are in fact 3 subsets of glutens sensitives:

1. Those who have a classical IgE mediated allergy (as it appears in Rosie’s case).

2. Those who have an auto-immune response to gluten (eg thyroid auto-immunity etc) and

3. Those who have some other form of immune response, some as yet undetermined.

Flippin’ hec. No wonder gluten sensitives are mis- and un-diagnosed all the time!

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