Eczema and Hayfever Lead Later To Asthma

In naturopathic medicine, we often take note of what is termed the ‘Six Phase Table ‘designed by Reckeweg.  This basically shows a sort of link between illnesses and gives a clue to what may come later if the initial illnesses are suppressed or ignored. Cradle cap, colic, eczema, hayfever and asthma is one of the most commonly found patterns. It is therefore nice to see mainstream medicine catching up – a new study in Melbourne has shown that children with eczema are more likely to develop allergic asthma later in life.

Read a report on the site here.

I tried in vain to copy a six phase table for you but it refused. So, here is a link so you can see what I am talking about – it is on page 4 of this very technical allergy factsheet for homotoxicologists like me. Ignore the rest and skip to the bottom of page 4 where you will find an abridged table.

Look carefully and you will see that acute eczema is the second box in at the top – in the inflammation phase – ie acute problem – this is usually when it is flaring up and down and itching like hell. Then, even though it is not shown, hayfever would be classed as allergy and this alongside chronic eczema across the table and into the impregnation phase. It is much harder to get people well once they have crossed that middle divide which is why it is best not to suppress something like eczema and to try to get it sorted whilst it is in early stages. Then, one box below (has become deeper), see asthma. Most people stay at this stage throughout life – the chronic illness stage. As you can see, you can go much deeper and it looks a bit scary, but this is much rarer. Most people I see are at the impregnation phase and have been for years.

The idea of the Six Phase Table is that disease progresses from the left hand side of the table and as things become more chronic or advanced, you gradually move across and down the table progressively. To get someone well, the aim is to reverse the process. This is why you will often hear me say that it is good news when you start to get symptoms again of something you used to have – it often is termed as a reversal of symptoms and therefore a move towards health.

Unfortunately, when you are on the left hand side of the table, usually the symptoms are quite acute because you have a lot of cellular activity still. The more you go down and to the right of the table, the more chronic the problem, and often the body doesn’t show it as acutely. Hence, the warning always in natural medicine that you can feel worse before you get better – as you reverse towards the left and up again, your symptoms reappear, albeit acutely but hopefully temporarily, as you get well again. To suppress those symptoms at this stage is to cause the reversal to stop.

In the same fashion if you are at the left hand side of the table with an illness eg eczema, and you suppress it, the belief is that it will only reappear later in life as something more serious and deeper into the table – eg asthma in this case. Fascinating, isn’t it?!

As I say, nice to see mainstream researchers showing the truth of this type of pattern. Homeopathy not so daft after all then…

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