Date Syrup

I have been trialling different sweeteners recently to see what they taste like. Here’s one and the blurb about it:

Meridian Date Syrup  250ml

Date Syrup

This versatile sweetener can be used in place of treacle, syrup and sugar.

Use it to make flapjacks, biscuits, cakes and jams. Great on ice cream, muesli and yoghurt. It is quite strong flavoured. Very rich and unctuous.

Dates are quite high GL so I imagine so is the syrup, especially without the fibre of the actual fruit, so a little goes a really long way. I found it heaven on Booja Booja Vanilla M’Gorilla (yes, really!) icecream, which is made from cashew nuts and tastes divine anyway.

Product Details

A richly flavoured concentrate of pure Date Syrup contains no additives or preservatives and is an excellent natural sweetener. Date syrup is popular in the East where the abundance of dates makes date syrup an obvious sweetener of choice. It is very versatile and can be used wherever molasses, treacle, syrup or sugar are traditionally used.

Serving Suggestion

Use to make flapjacks and cakes or to flavour ice cream, yoghurt or muesli. Mix in equal proportions with Meridian Tahini to make a delicious spread.


Pure Date Syrup

Nutritional Information

per 100g Energy; 1240kJ, 292kcal, Protein 1.2g, Carbohydrate 71.5g (of which sugars 66.0g), Fat 0.1g, Fibre trace, Sodium trace.

I like the idea of the tahini spread. You could equally do that with any nut or seed spread, which would actually lower the GL rating overall as those are high protein. Try it for a treat. No gluten, dairy, grains or anything except dates. Yum.

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