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winning logoAt last, the list of this year’s FoodsMatter FreeFromFood Awards winners is out! I always love this list because it gives us a really good view of what products are out there for us and how the freefrom food industry is faring. There were tons of entries this year, I understand, which shows freefrom is definitely a growth industry. Good news. And more choices for us!

Each product has been tasted and cogitated over by a fab panel of judges (I have to say that as I was one, although couldn’t taste much regrettably because of the grain content – boo! Very little being made to suit us true gluten free people; I shall have to invent some myself!).

The overall winner was Dove’s Farm’s new self raising flour blend which can be used for all manner of things (blend of rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat flours, raising agents and xantham gum). Everyone agreed it makes life so much easier if you can have something easy to hand.

Other overall runners-up were Delamere Dairy Goat’s Butter, Dietary Specials Brown Ciabatta Rolls and Dove’s Farm Batter and Crumb mixes.

This year, across the various categories, I was interested especially in the dairy, wheat, gluten and egg free quiche and the Look What We Found soups and ready meals which are a boon to have in your cupboard for busy days.

On my tasting day, we reviewed mesquite flour, a traditional Native American food made from the mesquite tree. It is high protein and nutritious, so I was very pleased to see it. I think it was deemed it a bit unusual for most people, but I reckon it could be really useful and plan to try it. I found a supply here.

So, go make yourself a cuppa and work your way through the winners and runners up; you’ll no doubt find a few products that suit you and are worth getting in. Have fun! And thank you to Michelle and her sterling team at FM for such hard work; it really helps us.

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  1. Delighted that you find the awards useful, Micki – but you do realise that apart from the winners and runners up, you can get the low down on ALL the entries in the ‘tasting tables’ which are now to be found on the awards site at or on the FreeFromFoodsMatter site at
    Happy browsing!!

    1. Blow me, I must have missed that! How fab. Funnily enough as I was going through them yesterday, I thought the old tasting table would be great for these. Well done!

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