Nutrigold Iron Change of Formulation

For those of you taking Nutrigold Iron, take note that the formulation has changed from 25mg Iron (as ferrous gluconate) to an Iron Complex including a reduced level of 15mg Iron plus 60mg Vitamin C and 250iu Vitamin A.

This will be fine to continue for most of you, although it is a reduced dosage. Nutrigold has done this to begin to comply with the daft EU regulations governing higher levels of nutrients. Methinks we are going to see a lot of this in the coming months!

If you want to continue a straight Iron supplement at 25mg, Solgar Gentle Iron or Solgar Chelated Iron are suitable. Otherwise, Lamberts do a 14mg Iron Citrate or Biocare do a 15mg Iron EAP.

If you have poor absorption and/or simply prefer to take liquid supplements, Kirkman Labs Liquid Iron has 18mg Iron per teaspoon.

Nutrigold also reminded me that for most effective iron use, make sure your fatty acid and Magnesium levels and are good too.   

All of these are far superior to the usual rubbish, cheap, constipating ferrous sulphate given out by doctors and you can get them as usual from Natural Dispensary.

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