Scented Products Contain Hidden Toxins

Asthmatics and those concerned about fragrances and toxins take note: an alarming report came through to me this morning about a new study by the University of Washington that suggests many products, even ‘green’ ones, give off toxic fragrances that do not appear on the label.

Read the report here.

The study doesn’t name and shame actual products unfortunately as I would have liked to have seen which products were tested, but they do say: “The products emitted more than 420 chemicals, collectively, but virtually none of them were disclosed to consumers, anywhere.”

One of the most common chemicals listed was limonene, which does appear in a  lot of products. Take note that there is limonene that comes as a natural chemical from an essential oil or one that synthesised in a lab. Not sure if that distinction was made, or if it actually makes any difference respiratorily-speaking, if you see what I mean.

Their advice anyway is that we should swap back to using old fashioned methods like cleaning with vinegar and baking soda, open our windows more and use unscented products. Here here.

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