Beetroot Urine Shows Poor Digestion

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Should your urine go pink if you eat beetroot? There’s an interesting one for you, prompted by a question posed to me today.  It is quite normal for you to get pink urine if you eat a lot of beetroot, but it can give you a clue to the state of your stomach acid production and digestive capabilities.

If you eat a bit of beetroot and your urine colours, it can show that you’re not producing much stomach acid, whereas people who do produce a lot of acid are unlikely to see their urine go pink as they break the beetroot down more effectively.

You could use it like a colour chart! If you eat a small amount of beetroot yet your urine goes quite coloured, your stomach acid production would be at the lower end, if you see what I mean? This might be a clue you need to take steps to digest more effectively with a supplement of stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

Important note: If you see pink urine and you haven’t had any beetroot or red/purple coloured foods, you need to see your GP.

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