Avoid Triclosan in Toothpaste

A story in the Daily Mail recently highlighted the fact that triclosan, a common additive in toothpaste, may lead to bacterial resistance in the mouth so could potentially cause more bacteria problems than it solves.

Here is the DM story, a response from the Cosmetic & Toiletry Perfumery Association and a link to the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database who classify it as a ‘high hazard.’ It is restricted in other countries including Japan and Canada, is persistent in the environment and is thought to be toxic to organs and an endocrine disrupter.

Despite there being a little controversy about it, I know what I would do: avoid toothpastes with it in and choose a more natural product from the Aloe Dent or Weleda ranges, for example.

PS. Although don’t assume all ‘natural’- looking products are immune. I got a press release about a new dental range today targeted at the healthfood market, and guess what it contains…!

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  1. Oh that’s good, I use the Aloe Dent range of toothpaste. Doing something right for a change. Thanks for sharing Micky

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