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Carrot cake
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Couple of good items in this issue of Foods Matter if you like cake! First, a fab Chocolate & Almond cake from Katharine based on sweet potato and almonds. Don’t mock – my sweet potato-based chocolate fudge cake went down as the ‘best ever’ cake last Christmas with the family. Even I had to admit, it was pretty yummy.

See Katherine’s recipe here – and save me a bit! 

Second, I am always on the look-out for new freefrom products. FM pointed me to a new company called AllergyEssex and when hunting round their site for interesting stuff, I came across a range they have introduced to the UK called Miss Roben’s. They do loads of mixes like carrot cake, biscuits, tortilla wraps, an ice-cream mix you make in a blender (does contain carageenan and corn), a cracker mix, bread mix (contains corn), pancake/waffle mix and much more. They are made to avoid all 12 common EU directive allergens and in a dedicated factory. Check them out at Meantime, I plan to ask for some to trial for you and will report back.


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