Non-Toxic Smellies (Or Not!)

Where can you get a whole range of different toiletries that fit my criteria of being ethical, organic, allergy-friendly and, of course, non-toxic. Take a look at my new Hot Picks & Best Ranges and Best Suppliers pages on the site.

You can continue to get most from Natural Dispensary and Nutricentre with your supplement orders as usual, but I have also now added SoOrganic specifically for toiletries.

If you need a one-stop shop for all your organic skincare supplies, this is a good one., at the last time I counted, had 59 different brands of organic toiletries including some of our non-chemical favourites and even fully perfume-free ranges.

They supply whole ranges rather than bits of each like some sites, aim to avoid chemical nasties, send out same or next day using recycled boxes, try to be carbon-free, list all ingredients and are happy to advise on products and send samples.

Check them out.

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