Food Colours and Hyperactivity

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You will no doubt have seen in the media that the Food Standards Agency has at last acted on food colours and research that suggests they are linked to child hyperactivity. The colours to watch out for are

sunset yellow FCF (E110)
quinoline yellow (E104)
carmoisine (E122)
allura red (E129)
tartrazine (E102)
ponceau 4R (E124)

The FSA has also updated its lists of which food manufacturers and retailers and, interestingly, chain food stores are free from all of the colours. You can find those at the Food Standards Agency website.

I note that Subway, Burger King, Debenhams and Domino’s Pizza are all free from these colours. Not that I agree with eating in these necessarily, of course, but sometimes kiddy-pressure and all that, so if you are going to eat out in any junk food joints and you have a little livewire, at least avoid the colours!

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