WiFi Laptops Damage Sperm

Having just spent the last six days with two teenagers in the house again, I have to say I was APPALLED at how glued to their gadgets they are. Now I know I spend quite a bit of time on my laptop, but I never put it on my lap. I seem to have turned into a right nagbag constantly telling them to take their mobiles out of their pockets, not sit next to them constantly and “PUT A TRAY UNDER THE RUDDY LAPTOP OR SOMETHING!!!”

I am quite worn out!

Anyway, today having read a new piece of research on the effects of laptops damaging the DNA of sperm, I have to admit to feeling quite smug, and I have just emailed the piece to said teenagers! Which will go down like the proverbial lead balloon.

Anyway, it seems that researchers in Argentina have found that a man having the equivalent WiFi dose of a laptop on his legs for 4 hours doesn’t get dead sperm, but that the DNA of many of them become damaged. This is significant because infertility experts reckon that damaged DNA is the biggie when it comes to not being able to father a child. The numbers are there, but they just aren’t healthy.

Read the story in full here, and good luck talking to your teenagers! I can’t help feeling we are heading for even more of a problem in fertility levels in the next generation. Good for population control I suppose, but heartbreaking for them in later life if they decide they want a family and can’t.

However, even more interesting if you look at this piece, is this quote:

“The Health Protection Agency (HPA) claims that if a person spends one year in a Wi-Fi hot-spot, they will receive a dose of radio waves equivalent to a 20-minute call on a mobile phone.”

Er, don’t let them have mobiles too close to them all the time either, especially under the pillow at night. Yes, I found they were doing that too….!

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