Mmm…Nice Website!

I have received some really nice comments already about the site, so thought I’d crow a bit. I deserve it after all that hard work!

Here are some of them:

“Your new site looks lovely and this live chat is very easy to use. WR July 10

“As to your website – I thought the amount of information was excellent. There’s a lot of it, so I would add it to my Favourites and dip in and out as and when.  I’m glad your style of writing remains the same – approachable, knowledgeable, friendly but expecting to be treated with respect. I liked the font and the layout and the navigation seems to work well. I think if I’d just come across the website at random I might feel at bit overwhelmed but your first few sentences would hook me. LD July 10.

“Brilliant!!  Looks really comprehensive and massively useful!  Bravo!  MJ July 10

“The site looks really good and I hope it generates more business for you!  Have a wonderful day. BC July 10

“Well done! I am very impressed with your new website. It is very clear to follow,and I wish you all the best. I think all your clients will feel the same. SR July 10

 “Woo-hoo!  Had a browse – looks very good.  There’s lots on it – it’s like a mini-encyclopaedia! I bet you feel very phew! FH July 10

 “Congratulations on your new website. I would expect your visitors will have confidence in your clear and informative site. TE July 10

 “I am very impressed with your results, it is gorgeous, easy to navigate and well laid out. EM July 10”

Aw, shucks.

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