Menopause Test – Save £139 Until 16th August!!!

As per my previous note about test price increases, I thought I would highlight the fact that my favourite Menopause test is going up a HUGE amount in August, so please get in quick if you want one at the old price. I always thought it was a superb price at £120 and it is now going to be (a probably more realistic) price of £259 from 16th August.

Why is it such a good test? Because it is a simple do-at-home urine and saliva test which tests such a lot, including:

Bone Resorption (the test that shows if you are breaking down bone more than you should be and are therefore at greater risk of osteoporosis later on). This is CRUCIAL knowledge as you can take steps early enough to prevent a problem. Did you know that you have to have lost about 20% bone mass for it to show up on a DEXA scan, which is a bit after the point in my view?! This test separately is £70, increasing to £73 shortly.

Oestrogen Metabolism (another really important test if you want to see how at risk you could be of future oestrogen-sensitive cancers like breast and endometrial). This will show you your levels of so-called good and bad oestrogens and give you an early indication of any oestrogen-dominance issues so you can offset them. This test separately is £120 (note the same price as this WHOLE test!), rising to £132 shortly.

It also gives you a snapshot of Oestrogen/Progesterone and Testosterone levels and balance, important if you want to see what your hormones are up to especially if you suspect you may be coming into menopause. Currently £65 rising to £68 and Testosterone is separate at £65 – £68.

 Of course, you can still have this test, or any of the separate elements of it, done later – I just thought you might like to save a whopping £139! Check out the tests and wellness checks page on the website to see sample reports and how the testing service works. Or here to order tests online. Or call/email me for more info/to order.

Get saving – every little helps!

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