Save Money On Tests

Order now to save money before price rises from Genova Diagnostics come in on 16th August. Get in quick if you are due to have repeat tests or have been thinking about getting something done.

Genova haven’t actually increased prices for five years so we’ve done well. Some tests are going up more than others, but the most popular ones like the adrenals and osteoporosis ones are going up only slightly – in these cases £70 – £75 and £70 – £73 respectively. 

The very popular intolerance test for wheat, dairy, grains, yeast and coeliac is hardly changing at £105 – £109.

Total Thyroid screen and Oestrogen Metabolism (the health check for oestrogen dominance) are going up more, though, at £80 – £99 and £120 – £132.

The stool and gut tests are not done by this lab so they are unaffected.

You can get more information about the testing service, see sample test reports and read up on each test with prices by clicking on each of those links.

Save yourself some money and let me know what you need in good time so I can get them ordered for you. You can hold on to them and do them anytime in the next few months; they don’t go off.

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