Poor Memory

Loads of you have been asking me about this issue recently. I shall address it more soon, but don’t forget that a lack of B vitamins and iron can affect cognition, recall and co-ordination so bear those in mind.

A lack of the correct nutritional factors for the brain can also be the issue. There is a fascinating substance called phosphotidyl serine which has had brilliant test results for memory issues. There is a great (if pretty technical) factsheet by Prof. Lawrence Plaskett which makes a real case for ensuring this nutrient is optimised. Download it for free here.

If you feel you need some,  good choices include Nutrigold’s Phos Serine or Higher Nature’s Advanced Brain Nutrients. You’ll note in the document that tests were done on around 300mg per day. Nutrigold’s product has 100mg per capsule and Higher Nature’s 30mg but is combined with other major brain nutrients too. It’s not cheap stuff but I normally advise a short term boost of a couple of months at 2-300mg per day and then a maintenance level of 1-2 per day depending on how you feel. Always check if taking other meds etc. You can get both products via Natural Dispensary as usual.

Hope it helps. When I get a chance, I shall write a more detailed factsheet for you.

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