Arsenic in rice milk?

I have noticed recently many people are searching for info on this subject and ending up here at my blog – welcome!

To help, here are links to three articles I recently wrote for Foods Matter, the leading allergy magazine, in response to Mums worried about giving their children rice milk to drink.

The first Rice and Arsenic, What’s Going On? sets out the background to the problem: click here to read it.

The second Rice and Arsenic, What To Do About It gives practical help and guidance. Click here to read this one.

The third is a concoction (literally) of recipe ideas for making your own milks including rice, soya, nut, seed, oat, cream, condensed milk etc etc. I had great fun making these! Click here for the recipes; they are much easier than you think and could save you pots of money.

I hope that helps in your search for more info. Here is the original post too.

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