Wheat, Gluten & Dairy in Ecover Washing Up Liquid!

Well I never! I was looking at Ecover washing up liquids today in the shops as I needed to buy some more. I naturally picked up the one I’ve been using for donkeys years – Chamomile & Marigold, and absent-mindedly looked at the ingredients (as you do when you are constantly label-watching!) and there it was: Whey!!! (dairy, for those of you who are uninitiated in the whys and wherefores of dairy intolerance). I nearly fell over. Have I really been washing my pots in dairy stuff all these years?

I picked up another ‘flavour’. The lemon version had wheat gluten in it!!! My flabber was truly gasted.

Why oh why put two common allergens into products that many ‘sensitive’ people would use? I know the likelihood is that any residue should be rinsed off, but what if it isn’t? For someone like me who is ultra sensitive, that’s not good to be putting on your plates and dishes, is it?!

I am most dischuffed. I have checked out some other flavours – the grapefruit one doesn’t have any wheat, gluten or dairy in it so that would be OK, but I didn’t see that in any of the shops. 

I have since looked at some other brands and have found there are a few that look good – and allergen-free. I have swapped to Bio-D which looks good and is also fragrance free. Earth-Friendly looks good too, and Method has pretty bottles. So, perhaps time to swap. Is your washing up allergen-free? Worth a check.

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    1. Thanks Dot! Lovely to hear from you! I know, a shocker isn’t it? I’m working now on what’s in the glue of the stickers they bung on fruit and veg. I have a funny feeling about them…

  1. found your blog while trying to find out if lactic acid is allergenic ~ it’s in Ecover’s “zero” washing up liquid, the one with no fragrance etc… Haven’t noticed any bad reaction to it but am worried
    (it’s also in their laundry detergents ~ is that what made pillow cases feel rough?

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