How To Get Rid of Ants

Unfortunately, I was reminded recently of how to get rid of ants since the little blighters found a way into our kitchen. Loathe to use anything toxic, I remembered that they hate the smell of peppermint. I drew a line of peppermint essential oil around the kitchen edge and haven’t seen an ant since. Hoorah! You could spray a solution of water and peppermint oil outside near the house too to stop them. Keep pets away from the area for a bit though – there are experts who say it can harm pets, but others who say peppermint acts a bit like catnip for cats and they go a bit mad – either way, we don’t want that so be a bit careful! Other ideas I’ve read about but not tried include drawing a chalk line, or using a line of cayenne pepper (ouch!), cinnamon, bay leaves or cloves. Happy ant-free Summer.

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