Good Housekeeping Food Awards

Now I am doing a lot more feature writing, I have a great excuse for buying loads of magazines and books. I love them. Philip thinks I have invented this ‘need to write’ as a poorly-veiled excuse for magazine purchasing (and he’s probably right! Also, see the sale for more shelf space above – need I say more…?)

That said, I come across some great stuff. I saw in GH the other day a feature on the best food products and I agreed with most of them as they are already in my cupboard. I thought you might like to see the list, but for the full feature, buy GH or look on their website:

Best Time-Saving Ingredient: Dolmio Sauces, Lloyd Grossman Sauces

The Ingredient You Couldn’t Live Without: Filippo Berio Olive Oil, Marigold Bouillon Powder

Best Organic in a Supermarket: Yeo Valley Yogurt, Green & Blacks Chocolate (neither in my cupboard as they both contain dairy. I would choose Provamel Plain Soya Yogurt and Celtic Chocolate, which you can get from Holland & Barrett).

Fave Teatime Treat: Bonne Maman Conserve, Duchy Originals Shortbread (love the conserves but I prefer the BM Apricot and Cherry Compotes especially in yogurt, and Carol Vorderman’s Detox for Life recipe for non wheat shortbread)

GH Cookery Team Fave: Sacla Stir-through Sauces (these are great but often have wheat and dairy. I love their aubergine pesto particularly, though).

Best New Food Product: Riso Gallo 3 Grains, a mix of rice, spelt and barley grains  which you can use like rice or to make a risotto etc. No good for wheat or gluten avoiders, of course. Here, I would use brown basmati, quinoa and millet maybe.  

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