New Tests Available

Bit more on tests whilst I’m at it. BTS has just raised its prices due to the Euro, but happily not by too much. Also, there is a new stool test which will look for all bacteria, yeasts, moulds, pH etc as usual, but also digestive residues to see if you are breaking down fats, proteins and carbs well enough. Cost is £130.

Genova have also changed some of their prices, but some down as well as up, so good news. New tests there include an Antioxidant Screen including CoQ10 (£140) which is useful for everyone, but particularly if you’re on statins or have cardiovascular problems, Metabolic Syndrome as above and Adrenal-Thyroid Profile, as we often have to measure both as the thyroid won’t pick up effectively if the adrenals are shot, and vice versa, £140. All tests are done postally as usual and all relevant info is now on the new Tests section of the website so have a peek or ask if you need advice. 

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