Minerals Drop 50% in Fresh Fruit and Veg

According to a recent article, minerals such as the ever-important magnesium, iron, copper and sodium have dropped sharply since 1940. That’s truly shocking.


Here are the highlights, or should that be lowlights?

  • Nutrients in 28 types of fruit and veg sold in 1940, 1991 & 2019 were examined
  • Analysis revealed average levels of sodium fell by 52% over the period
  • Iron fell 51%, copper 49%, magnesium 10% & potassium by 5%
  • Ministers called on to regularly monitor fruit and veg nutritional quality.

Fruit and vegetables sold in UK now contain half the amount of some key nutrients as they did in 1940, a major study reveals.  

Depleted levels of iron, magnesium, sodium and copper mean Britons are at increased risk of malnutrition, experts warn.   A greater reliance on imported produce, a shift to industrial agriculture & higher-yielding varieties may be to blame.  

Coventry University researchers examined nutrients in 28 types of fruit and veg sold in UK in 1940, 1991 & 2019.  Analysis revealed average sodium levels fell 52% over the period, iron by 51% and copper by 49%.   Magnesium fell by 10%, potassium 5% and calcium by 2.5%.

Writing in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, researchers said many people don’t consume a sufficiently varied diet and teenagers in particular have poor diets. They call on ministers to regularly monitor nutritional quality of fruit and veg, variations between varieties and production methods.

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