The Link Between Thyroid and Gallbladder

Recognise this: low thyroid, bloating, can’t get your Vitamin D to stay up, burping a lot, leaky gut won’t heal, ever-more food sensitivities, drying out generally?

If your thyroid is low for ages before it is diagnosed (that’s most people then!), it can play havoc with your gallbladder function, and this is missed 99% of the time. Here’s Dr K explaining it for us:

What happens to most thyroid patients is they struggle with symptoms for months or years without a diagnosis. 

Their doctor says their “lab tests are normal” until their thyroid function is bad enough to receive a diagnosis….or they find a knowledgeable doctor.

By then their body has been deprived of thyroid hormone for quite some time. 

One problem that can cause is gallbladder sludge and gallstones. Healthy gallbladder function depends on sufficient thyroid hormones.

Gallbladder congestion in turns leads to poor absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D, which cascades into other health problems.

Gallbladder sludge and stones also throws off your gastrointestinal physiology. When bile binds to certain receptors in the gut microbiome, this helps control intestinal inflammation, promote gut energy metabolism, activate biotransformation (detox) pathways, and modulate nutritional metabolism.

Many people have chronic gastrointestinal issues causing chronic bloating and distention and they can never fix their leaky gut.

They’re doing everything to treat their leaky gut when in fact they suffer from chronic intestinal inflammation due to a chronic gallbladder issue.

Symptoms of gallbladder congestion include:

Greasy or high-fat foods cause indigestion and bloating, or a metallic taste in your mouth from bile regurgitation.

Burp after eating fatty foods.

Fish oil burps after taking fish oil.

Light brown or clay-colored stools – bile contributes to the dark color of stool.

Dr Kharrazian

Interesting, huh? The consequences of poor thyroid testing, yet again! (See how to do it properly here).

So, if this sounds like you, look to supporting your gallbladder. Something like Gall Plus may be worth a trial. This contains ox bile so is particularly useful for people who don’t have a gallbladder anymore, or who need a stronger approach.

BileMin is a slightly gentler approach, and this was formulated by Dr K himself.

If gallbladder support makes a difference, you have an answer to some of your chronic issues! I hope it helps.

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