Arm Knitting

Not being blessed as a natural crafter, this has not been on my radar at all. But now it is, and I love the simplicity of it. You can make a blanket like this….

…in an hour! If you can’t be bothered, of course, and still want some chunky beauty for your bed or sofa, you can get that beautiful one here in several colours. I favour the pale pink, grey and this rich teal. I’ve chosen a high quality one here; many chunky blankets come apart pretty easily I’m told, so if you’re gonna have one, at least have one that will stay together.

But I digress. Let’s get back to how you make one.

First, you’ll need some arms. Check. No needles needed, although some people do use these broom handles-sized ones!!

Enormoose! These are from here.

Next, you’ll need some wool or yarn. This light grey pure merino wool would make a beautiful, soft snuggly. For something less ‘woolly’, try this chenille in light blue. Two balls would make a small baby- or, dare I say it? – pet-blanket. Use four for something larger. You can even use recycled sari offcuts made into ribbon yarn to make a scarf, if a blanket is not quite your thing. Try this. Same process.

OK: Arms? Check.

Wool or yarn? Check.

A roll of foil? Eh?

Well, what will you do with the stitches up your arm if the doorbell goes or you have to take a break to get more wine? Apparently, the best thing is to put the stitches onto a large foil or clingfilm cardboard inner. Genius.

Now we need to know how to do it. There are lots of videos on You Tube as usual. Here’s one I thought was nice and clear for newbies:

I mean: a whole knitted blanket in no time at all. What’s not to like? My kind of project. You can be ultra-smug and announce: “I’m just knocking up a bed cover before I put the tea on.”

If that’s wetted your arm knitting appetite, try some of the projects in this beautiful book. Loving that pouffe on the cover. Infinity cowl or cashmere scarf? Don’t mind if I do. Putting my orders in for next Christmas, please, if you’re bored.

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