Not Avocado on Toast

Yummy as it is, the popularity of avocado on toast has put pressure on the avocado supply chains, increasing prices and putting the fruit out of the price range of the very people who grow them.

How about this unctuous broad bean guacamole with chilli and coriander instead? Here’s James Martin’s blog post and recipe for you to try.

Who needs avo on toast when you’ve got broad beans? When blended, they become creamy, unctuous and vivid green, just like avocado but with a fraction of the carbon footprint…

…eat avos as a treat and try experimenting with different locally grown alternatives like this broad bean guacamole. It’s made in just the same way as regular guacamole, but with broad beans instead. Blanched first, then blended with lime, coriander and olive oil. Enjoy!

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