Fifty Words For Snow

Fifty Words for Snow by Nancy Campbell is a beautiful, rather poetic book, which I thought rather fitting as one of the first things to share with you.

Nancy leads us on a fascinating journey around 50 countries and cultures, all of which have their own word for snow. You’d think a book about a word would be boring, but it really is quite magical. There is a definite beauty in Nancy’s prose, and I like her reason for writing the book too:

‘The process of tracing a single theme across many languages new to me seemed a powerful way to overcome the borders that were going up around the world.’

Nancy Campbell

We are treated to the many myths and legends each culture has built around this crystalline wonder – even from some where you’d least expect it: Ethiopia, Thailand?

The illustrations on the cover and in between the chapters are simply gorgeous – a print rather than Kindle version is a must. An unusual coffee table or loo book, it would look particularly great out in Winter alongside your soft throws and cushions. Curl up with it in front of the fire, toes toasty, and sip a cup of hot chocolate as you learn about more shivery climes.

A lovely treat-gift for yourself or anyone interested in language, general knowledge or other cultures.

Find out why the pine tree is evergreen and who is the Japanese ‘snow woman’ who melts away as fast as the snow?

You can read a sample and purchase it here. Enjoy x

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