Free Wednesday Meditations

I see Rick Hanson, who I mention in my Healing Book and Stress Factsheet, is doing a free meditation once a week on a Wednesday. It’s done on US time but you can register and then receive a link to listen to it at anytime. Rick is focusing on Refuge for the next couple of months – helping people build resilience, a sense of calm and inner peace, which is very welcome in these unsettling coronavirus times. Here’s the info for you:

Much research has shown that meditation is a powerful way to develop greater resilience, compassion, and happiness – as well as strengthen the immune system and promote other health benefits.
Please join me for a free online weekly meditation, talk, and discussion. Everyone is welcome, and no background in meditation is needed. I draw on modern psychology and brain science, as well as the penetrating and pragmatic teachings of the Buddha.
We use the Zoom platform – just click a link to join – and my portion is recorded so you can listen to it at another time if you like.

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