Gut Tests Review – GI-MAP, GI-360 or GI -Effects?

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Blimey, I have just spent almost two days learning about and then comparing the various gut tests for us all. There have been several new ones out recently so I thought it was high time I analysed them and came to some conclusions! Essentially, I am always trying to find the tests that give us the most useable, practical information we can work with to help you get better.

For the last few years, I have favoured the Doctors Data CSAP3 test simply because it gave a great overall look at a gut. Then the GI-MAP and PCR/DNA testing took off and, though not entirely convinced, I listed it because so many of you – listening to US gurus – asked for it! It has been useful, I have to say, in that it was really good at finding bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic pathogens. I felt it was early days with PCR testing but having been around for a while now, I trust it more – always a deliberate late-adopter 😉

The trouble was that you got great markers on the DD CSAP3 – I am always looking for butyrate levels, short chain fatty acid levels, malabsorption, leaky gut and inflammation clues – but no PCR testing for the baddies. Well, I’m happy to say Doctors Data have now brought out a test that does all of it 🙂 So I’ve listed it as my main gut test now with a few add-on and smaller test options.

The truth of the matter is that all of the various gut tests have their particular focuses and strengths and finding an ‘all-in-one’ is pretty impossible, but this is the closest I’ve seen for the type of things I personally and clinically would want to check to see what a poorly gut is up to.

The analysis and report you get from the lab is pretty comprehensive but I can always do a test report if you need me to go through it in more depth and suggest ways forward or actions for you to take.

Anyway, I can still do the older tests if you want them, of course, but I just wanted you to know that the GI360 is now my go-to gut test choice for you. All the test options was getting very confusing so I hope my analysis and streamlining helps!

For more info, you can read my Overview on gut testing here and order a GI360 if you need to. 

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