Have You Considered Your Chronic Illness Could Be Emotional or Brain-Based Rather Than ‘Just’ Physical?

HP edition 2

Yay, my publishers have set up a new Twitter page for my Healing Plan book. Have a gander and please follow and share widely – let’s get the mind-body medicine message out there for those who are suffering and don’t know that might be a way out of the chronic illness mire for them yet. Thank you x

If you have no idea about this ‘wonderful’ book (and that’s a direct quote from a reader!), then you can download a Preview here. I wrote it about my journey from chronic illness, hyper-sensitivity to foods, pain, fatigue etc back to relative wellness – and how I discovered the key was in my brain and emotions rather than my physical body all along. I know: I didn’t believe it either, but there you are, it’s the truth! I’ve since found a whole host of chronic illness sufferers who have used similar techniques to regain their health so it’s not just me, although it felt like it at the time.

If you have chronic pain, fatigue or anything that you just can’t seem to get to the bottom of, please do yourself a favour, suspend all disbelief and read it. It’s cheap, but it works!

Have you read it – what did you think? How did you get on? I’m always dying to know.

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