Antacids & PPIs = More Food Sensitivity

A good reminder here that if you are on proton pump inhibitors or anything that regularly decreases your stomach acid, it could be only a matter of time before you become more sensitive to foods.


Because one of the first issues that causes food sensitivity is lack of stomach acid. The acid is needed to break down the longer chains of amino acids in food to single amino acids. If longer chains persist, the body is much more likely to perceive them as foreign and initiate an inflammatory process.

If you are on regular antacids or PPIs, you lose the ability to break down those amino acid chains as well as you should. And, in fact, the vast majority of people with acid reflux symptoms I come across have low stomach acid to start with so the meds are just making the whole problem worse.

Have a read of this on low stomach acid: and this on acid reflux/stomach issues:

And here’s the Guardian piece that I read this morning for you:

Lead scientist hopes findings raise awareness about proton-pump inhibitors’ side-effects


Food for thought (ha, see what I did there?!).

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