What’s Life Like If You’re Corn-Sensitive?

A flippin’ nightmare most of the time, let me tell you! It is SO not easy managing a corn-sensitivity problem – which is usually combined with many other sensitivities, too. However, corn is so ubiquitous because manufacturers feel it is a good ‘gluten/gliadin’ substitute and therefore ‘safe’. It is not for an increasing number of people. The problem is even worse in the US where corn is used for everything, but we in Europe and the UK are not that far behind judging from the number of times I am finding corn-sensitives (either by testing using the FIT or Cyrex 4 or by elimination and reintroduction if necessary).

Anyway, here’s an article which gives some perspective on just how difficult avoiding corn can be. Personally – and for most of the people I come across – I do not have a traditional IgE allergy to corn, but a hypersensitivity to it which shows as an IgA and IgG reaction (never let it be said that intolerances are not-immune-based; it just isn’t true). A hypersensitivity means you are reactive to even the tiniest amount of corn used in eg. meds, supplements, toothpaste, linings of tins or cardboard packaging, even the plastic lining in water filters etc. Thankfully, in lowering my overall reactivity levels via the Healing Plan, I am not quite so sensitive as I was, but I can still get a migraine or a flare of my TMJ jaw pain from the smallest amount – it is my bete noir, corn.

What Life Is Like When Corn Is off the Table

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