Clinic Services Update

support iconHi peeps. It is now well over 8 months since I started taking cases on again. I’ve been noting what patients are saying they need from me and how long each element is taking me to do effectively. Hence I’ve reviewed the clinic services today to try and simplify them a bit – all the options were a bit confusing, I know, as I was working out what is needed by the type of patient I now get!

Essentially, I now attract complex cases with the gluten disorders, trauma, hyper- and multiple- sensitivity etc work I’ve done over the past few years – or is it just that more and more cases are chronic and complex, eek?! This sort of case just can’t be easily (or as effectively) done in the normal initial hour/follow-up sort of standard nutritional therapy process. I set up a sort of ‘pay as you go’ scheme to start with but actually I’ve discovered people need a simpler process through the confusing maze – and I need a regimented process with enough time to think and come up with safe and effective strategies for people!

An example: I am finding that the vast majority of people are needing TGF safe protocols to fit grain/dairy/AIP type approaches and these take a LOT longer to work out than normal given the scarcity of them! Oh for the old easy way; that’s a cinch!! But, that’s what you need from me so I’m working out ways to get it done for you, I hope.

So, we now have an Initial Chat for new people to check me out/get a quick answer, a New Case Review service which takes me pretty much a whole day to complete (a stand-alone service, no obligation to continue) and a Review process for ongoing support if needed that gives me enough time to properly review progress and then establish protocol changes/explain them to you etc.

For non-clinic patients, you can also access a Test Report/Chat (max 3 results) if you need someone to analyse and then explain what test results mean and give recommendations based on them. This can be done by email or chatted through as you prefer.

I have also had to make a policy of urgent-only emails between appointments because I am simply getting overwhelmed by the number coming through. I get at least 20 or so a day asking ‘a quick question.’ There are no quick questions, trust me. If it genuinely is, I’ll answer of course but the vast majority involve me having to look at notes and the protocol you’re on, or usually read a 19-email long thread we had a few weeks ago that I have NO chance of remembering (!), consider a safe and effective reply, copy that into your notes so I can remember when we next review etc etc etc. I did consider adding an email support option but I simply can’t cope with casework and emails and, actually, much of what comes through could easily be left for discussion during the next review, I’ve found. I love that you feel you can chat with me and I do enjoy it but for case stuff, please leave it to your next review unless it is urgent, thank you 😉

I hope that all makes sense and helps. Thanks for bearing with me whilst I work out the clinical services best designed to help you and that give me enough time to do things right without having to rush at it and get all stressed! I was actually considering stopping the case work all together, but then I realised I was making myself stressed by not having the proper systems in place. Doh. Hopefully, this approach will solve that and, as a consequence, I’m not so overwhelmed and can help you and more people like you!

You can see the new Support Options here.

OK, let’s see how that goes over the next few months!



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