Free From Food Awards Shortlist 2019

Raw Food jduges I love it when the Free From Food Awards shortlist comes out; it contains some real gems usually, alerting us to new goodies that might perk up our restricted diets! Get yourself a cuppa and have a scroll through – you never know: your next favourite food might be there!

The manufacturers are really starting to get good at inventing tasty freefrom food. I like the idea so far of the Bellygoodness curry sauces, Vegan GF Raviolini with Pumpkin and sage filling and the Avocado Mayo. There’s a new FODMAP Friendly category and some pastas made from more unusual grain alternatives- I’ve got to buy the LoveGrass Teff pasta just for the name!

Have a look through anyway and find something nice:

FreeFrom Food Awards 2019

Of course, I’ll let you know the winners when those are announced too. Good job, Judges!

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