Feeling SAD?

Although we’ve had some beautiful sunny days here in Cornwall, there is also a LOT of so-called ‘mizzle’ as we call it round here – mist and drizzle. Days like this are grey and we seem to live in a permanent cloud. P has always suffered from SAD, seasonal affective disorder, and really doesn’t respond well to this sort of weather – which was half the reason we moved to Cornwall in the first place; the seasons are longer. (That said we are moving back to the Midlands shortly for family reasons – and actually because I miss the cold crisp brighter days you get there in the Autumn and Winter months. Go figure! I’m hoping we’ll be able to organise ourselves so we can have a bit of both over the year!)

Anyway, I digress. Back to feeling SAD. Over the years, I have found feeding P a 5HTP supplement with theanine and magnesium can really help lift his mood so he doesn’t drop so far. Of course, I also encourage him outside, increase his Vitamin D and such like. We used to have a SAD alarm clock actually – the type that slowly increases light so you wake up naturally – I must look into that again for him.

You can read a lot more about Seasonal Affective Disorder on my SAD factsheet here.

Also, I saw this piece from Patrick Holford today which is useful – as you’ll see from my factsheet, I rate his products for it.

5-HTP gets better results than anti-depressants. Discover the natural way to beat the blues.

Holford recommends his Mood Food, which I do really like. That said, though, I am currently giving P this new Nutrigold product which I think is really helping. I like the theanine in it which is very calming and the magnesium. It’s important to take B6 and especially the active P5P form with 5HTP if it is going to work for you; people often make that mistake.

I’ve got him on 2 in the morning and 2 at night, although he does dip in late afternoon so – if I could get him to do it (he is VERY bad at taking stuff!) – I would spread it throughout the day more. As he improves, I knock it down to 3 and then 2 per day. It usually works a treat.

Have a go if you think it might help – bear in mind, the purpose is to raise serotonin levels so if you’re already on a serotonin-raising antidepressant, this is not for you.

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