Happy Christmas Everyone!

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The festive season is upon us. For some, this will be a time of jollity and reconnecting with family and friends, for others (including me!), it is a time to rest and, for some of us, I know, it can be a more difficult time, not least because we are watching everyone else quaff and eat what we are having to avoid. I know how that feels, so here’s my tip for you. If you feel that sadness and ‘left-outness’ feeling descend over you, do this:

Go into a calm room, breathe deeply and repeat:

‘This is temporary, this illness will pass, I am OK, I am OK, I am doing fine, I let go of the stress and worry, I can do this, I am strong, I am calm, I am doing OK’

Say whatever feels right for you, natter on to yourself; your subconscious will make you say what is needed so don’t think about it too much. Combine this with the TWR butterfly hug (see the Healing Plan UK or US) or tap the EFT points if you can (see here for a simple video).

Look at yourself in a mirror and beam at yourself. Your body can’t tell if it is a real or fake smile but your subconscious will believe you anyway and increase your feel-good hormones.

Breathe deeply again, repeat your words as many times as feels right. Then, step back into your world and look forward to healthier, happier times in the future – you WILL get there, believe it.

Meantime, here’s a lovely Christmas card for you to watch – IF I can get the link to work, hope so!

Happy Holidays or Christmas. Love and big sparkly hugs to you all,

Micki xxx

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