Candles – Not So Hygge!

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We’ve all heard of the Hygge Scandi trend which espouses cosyness and comfort in life. Lovely. However, the habit of burning candles is not quite so lovely according to researchers who recently advised Danes not to burn toxic candles in their homes.

Previous research has shown that 60% of ultra-fine particles in Danish homes stem from burning candles. Every Dane burns on average 3.5kg of candles a year, according to the Danish Lung Association.

My pet hate is toxic candles and air fresheners as many of you know; I’ve warned about them for years and we even used to sell soya-based candles with unbleached, organic wicks in the dispensary to help you! Candles you buy from the High Street and online – even some of the really expensive brands – are paraffin-based and therefore are releasing lovely toxic fumes for you and your family and pets to breathe in. I actually can’t bear to go in many shops now because of the ubiquitous toxic pong of artificial scents from candles, bombs and those stick diffuser things! Ugh.

Please switch to beeswax, coconut or soya – or LED/battery ones as the researchers suggest – and leave the toxic air fresheners and candles on the shelves. I feel sorry for the poor staff who have to work near them; it can’t be doing them any good!

Get cosy but steer clear of candles, hygge-loving Danes told

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    1. Good point, Valerie. However, unless you’re in a very small space with poor airflow, a single candle isn’t likely to produce enough CO to be toxic I wouldn’t think.

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