Taking These Meds? Be Careful..

supplements iconIf you’re on statins, heart meds, acid blockers, diabetes drugs, antibiotics or the pill (that’ll be a lot of people then!), listen up.  Here’s a good reminder for you today of which meds can cause significant nutrient deficiencies. I’ve written about most of them on this blog, but this article contains a useful reminder list.

How your daily prescription pills could be draining your body of vital vitamins (and what you can do about it!)

If you need help on what to take to counter the effect, do just ask me to recommend something. Not all supplements are the same and those that work are the best value – see here for a reminder about the quality of supplements!

In that section, actually, see also my advice on cautions and contraindications with meds and supplements and the trusted supplier list where you will definitely get better quality stuff.

Hope that is useful..there are quite a few more to be aware of, but those are some key ones.

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