How To Get All The Colours Into Your Smoothie

Full Spectrum Smoothies

It’s important to get foods from every phytonutrient type into our diets every day – and the easiest way to do that is to ensure we eat all the different coloured foods.

I liked this post on ‘full spectrum smoothies’ today – and it has a useful crib sheet on which foods to use for which colour. I have a smoothie most mornings for breakfast and/or one for snack later – smoothies and soups are such easy ways to up your nutrient levels in a tasty way. You’d have to chomp through tons of fruit and veg to get the same nutrient density as you can easily get by liquidising it!

I like to call mine Rainbow smoothies as I use the same principles. Have a go:

Full Spectrum Smoothies

I also like this general overview of phytonutrients from Dr Axe:

Powerful Phytonutrients Reduce Blood Pressure, Inflammation & Cholesterol

Incidentally, if you want more smoothie and grain/dairy free breakfast ideas, don’t forget the TGF Breakfasts book for recipes and the non-TGF Super Soups book is here.

Happy nutrient-boosting!

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