Careful Returning Test Samples This Snowy Week!

Some useful info from the labs today about returning your samples with this Wintery weather this week:


Weather Disruption

With the current and extreme weather front hitting the UK and Europe this week, please be aware that all post office and courier services including international flights are being severely affected .

This means thats orders being shipped to patients will take longer and that specimens being returned to us may also be delayed.

We may hold your specimens if appropriate and if necessary in a safe and controlled environment. This will delay your results being released.

What we suggest

  • If you are due to do a blood test this week, consider delaying it till next week.
  • If you have a stool test due to return, then keep the specimen stored accordingly in the refrigerator or freezer as per the test instructions.
  • Samples which have a 24 hour/ priority time scale should not be attempted this week.

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