Liquid Meals To Fill You Up More

Do you remember the time when you used to go into a restaurant and there was always a soup on the starter menu? Well, you will if you’re over a certain age! I always remember being so full after the soup, I could hardly eat the main course, let alone a dessert!

Now scientists believe having soup before a meal does indeed make you more full up and therefore less likely to over-consume later in the meal. Apparently, it has to do with the soup triggering the production of the hunger-hormone ghrelin, so the appetite lessens.

In fact, liquid meals of any kind are thought to increase satiety – the satisfaction we feel that makes us think we’ve had enough food. A while ago, I started having smoothies for breakfast and soups for lunch, with a main ‘proper’ food meal for tea. I did it mainly as a way of increasing my nutrient intake because you can pack those full of stuff. I have to say I do feel more full for longer, too.

Maybe try a gazpacho, broth or a miso soup before a main meal? Maybe even wait for a bit after the soup and see if you actually need anything else – it takes about 20 minutes for ghrelin to kick in?

For lots of soup ideas, check out my free Super Soups factsheet here.

Here is a lovely superfood soup idea from Jamie Oliver. To be honest, if you made it just up to adding the porcini mushrooms it would make a great broth. I would just add prawns or something to it from there for a simple soup. Or go ahead and add meat or fish and the veggies to make it a main course soup.

If you need a TrulyGlutenFree or AIP soup, don’t forget to check the Pinterest boards out.

Or, if you fancy something a bit more spicy, try this one. Use a butter alternative, preferably.

Punj Rattani Dal

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