Infant Formula – What’s In It?!

Manufacturers of baby formula in the US have recently been reprimanded for misleading parents with their health and benefit claims – this, sadly, does not surprise me. You can read that here:

Infant formula manufacturers misleading parents with false health claims

However, what did shock me was the list of ingredients they have!

Almost all of the products that were tested by researchers were made up of powdered milk, corn syrup or other added sweeteners, vegetable oil, and contained more sodium and less protein than cow’s milk.

Oh my giddy Aunt! I wouldn’t want to feed my baby corn syrup or sweeteners and I’d also want to know what veg oil is used, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, this was just to ask Mums and Dads out there to have a check what is in your chosen formula and to make sure it is as pure and healthy as possible. This is what we start our little ones’ lives off with. Sometimes we can’t breastfeed – and sometimes Mum’s nutrition is so low even if she does, the baby doesn’t get as much as he/she should – so formulas can be really important. Just choose wisely please.

Oh, and if you are beyond formula stage and need good baby/toddler/young child recipe advice, check out Annabel Karmel’s site here which is full of useful resources. She also has a great YouTube channel packed with advice and recipes that I often refer parents to.

Finally, don’t forget my Children’s Health Factsheet here with recommended foods and a supplement protocol specifically for little ones.

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  1. We had some neighbors who adopted a baby and fed him with soy based formula. I gave them some literature on baby formulas but they didn’t follow it. The little boy failed to develop properly and needed special education classes and special tutoring as a preschooler and throughout his elementary school years. He may have longterm health effects from all the soy phyto-estrogens he was given as an infant. . . . The Weston A Price Foundation has really good advice on evaluating commercial formulas, and recipes for homemade formulas that are much superior. . . . . In the 1970’s Nestle promoted the sale of cheap infant formulas in poor countries. Nestle made a lot of money. Many of the babies failed to thrive and died. I was one of many who joined a boycott to force an end to the marketing and sales. I still do not buy any Nestle product. What they did was so horrendous they deserved to be put out of business, but of course that didn’t happen.

    1. That’s useful, thanks Terry. Can you provide a link to the Price advice please; I think that might be useful for people. Ta muchly x

      1. Here is a link to a WAPF article with their baby formula recipes. From there people can link to other related articles. Also, i haven’t read the Nourishing Traditions childcare book, but feel quite sure it must go into formula issues.

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