Ginger Kills Ovarian Cancer Cells

This is a really important piece of news since ovarian cancer is often diagnosed late and can recur after treatment. There have been several studies showing ginger’s effect on cancer cells – ovarian, breast and prostate actually – in a lab, which look really promising, but, as yet, this has not been confirmed in animal or human studies, so we should remain cautious. However, since ginger is excellent for lots of other reasons, I think it’s worth considering in cases of ovarian and other cancers.

First, here is a summary of the latest study where researchers were trying to find out how it kills the cells.

Ginger is a natural cancer-killer—and ovarian cancer is the latest on the list

And you can read the abstract and full article here.

I also found a good, simple video on the subject here from Plant Based Science London, talking about breast cancer mainly and including ideas on how much and what type of ginger you could use:

As far as my research goes, the gingerols in fresh ginger are much more preventative of cancer but it seems to be the dried ginger shogaols that can inhibit cancer cell growth and cause apoptosis (cell death).

For the dried ginger, it is important you use unheated versions so ask manufacturers if using spices. Or you could make some yourself by grating or slicing ginger, drying it at a very low temperature in your oven or using a dehydrator and then grinding it down.

In terms of ready-made supplements, I’ve not seen any that give the shogaol numbers, but this one (not TGF) is the highest strength gingerols I found so good for prevention purposes at least.

If you want to get all technical about how to produce your own high shogaol version, try this, and, in fact, the comments after the video above could be useful too.

For even more info on ginger generally, check this:

12 Medicinal Ginger Health Benefits

He recommends taking ginger essential oil as a good version but I am unsure about the levels of the active ingredients that way. I do, in fact, use it myself as a tea when I haven’t got any fresh ginger left, but only occasionally, but I would stick to the dried and extract versions we know have good safety data.

OK, hope that helps you or someone you know. Always keeping my eyes peeled for you…!


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  1. There are a few companies in the UK selling this but they all have additional tagalongs an quite a few….Haven’t found one yet that is without fillers/ colour etc.If anyone know of a product that has less additives?

      1. I drink belvoir ginger cordial, it’s a pure pressed cordial. Would it have any benefit?

      2. I’ve no idea, but that’s a good idea. Maybe ask Belvoir about the active ingredients as per the article and let us know what they say so we can all have some!

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