DUTCH Hormone Test – 6 New Markers for Fatigue, Mood, Hyper-Sensitivity

 The DUTCH hormone tests are now even better than before as the lab has added an additional six markers. They will help us specifically get clues to mood disorders and fatigue especially, as well as give us markers for vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and glutathione deficiency – and there is no change in the price! I love it when that happens; it shows a lab who cares.

The markers will help give more insight specifically into symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, sex drive, estrogen dominance, stress and motivation. It comes on top of the free 8OHdG oxidative stress marker they added a few months ago.

There are 3 new neurotransmitter markers:

  • Homovanillate (HVA) – the primary dopamine metabolite. If dopamine in circulation is low, HVA is usually low. People with low dopamine often report fatigue, low motivation, depression and addiction issues.

  • Vanilmandelate (VMA) – the primary norepinephrine (noradrenaline) and epinephrine (adrenaline) metabolite.  If those are low, VMA will usually be low and this gives us another clue that adrenals might not be quite up to scratch.

  • 5-hydroxyindoleacetate (5HIAA) – the primary serotonin metabolite.  If low suggests a possible serotonin deficiency so could be the answer to continued fatigue, anxiety or depression.

 So, all very useful.

I’m particularly pleased with these markers being included as they are the ones I look at a lot in hypersensitivity cases such as Central Sensitivity Syndrome, multiple food intolerance, chronic pain etc. Where people are just ‘too-turned up’ and sensitive to stuff. I talk about these quite a bit in the Healing Plan and you can see a blog post about it here:

Can You Test For CSS – Central Sensitivity Syndrome?

As you can see from that, we previously had to do two tests to get the information needed and now we just need to do the DUTCH Hormones Complete. Fab.

Next, we have…

3 new nutritional organic acid markers:

  • Methylmalonate (MMA) – elevated if people are vitamin B12 deficient. Low B12 can lead to fatigue, brain fog, memory problems, muscle weakness, depression, malabsorption or migraines. If MMA (Methylmalonate) is elevated it means that B12 is deficient in the cells – even if the normal B12 blood test suggests all is well, note – which I see a lot! As the lab explains:

    This marker is considered superior to measuring serum B12 levels directly. A 2012 publication by Miller showed that 20% of those tested had a genetic defect in the protein that transports B12 to cells. These patients may have a functional B12 deficiency, even if serum levels of B12 are normal.

  • Xanthurenate – elevated if people are vitamin B6 deficient. Low B6 can lead to changes in mood, such as irritability, anxiety and depression, confusion, muscle pains, low energy, or fatigue.

  • Pyroglutamate – elevated if people are glutathione deficient. When levels of pyroglutamate are high or low, there may be insufficient glutathione. Glutathione is one of the most potent antioxidants in the human body. It is especially important in getting rid of toxins and can protect against cancer, aging, heart problems and brain diseases, so needs replenishing if found to be low.

So, a really useful update on an already-useful test. Put simply, it gives us a real look into several important areas including adrenals, hormones and how you are metabolising them, oestrogen breakdown, metabolism and balance, mood, B12 and B6 status (both crucial to wellbeing) and antioxidant status.

You can read my previous post for more on the DUTCH test:

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And my up to date thoughts are always in the Test Overview for adrenals here and for adrenals & hormone combined tests here.

Having now done quite a few of these DUTCH tests, I still like the standard salivary adrenal test for a first-stop adrenal look as it is sufficient for most and fits their symptoms. And, on the few I have checked with a DUTCH, they seem to correlate well.

I recommend the DUTCH adrenal test specifically if the symptoms don’t seem to fit a standard test. I recommend the full DUTCH, though, if we also want to look at hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone as it gives a very detailed look ‘under the bonnet’ at how they are being metabolised, rather than just what is showing at the surface in normal blood tests.

Now, of course, these other new markers – as well as the new oxidative stress one, will give us even more info to work with. Well done Precision Labs, I say.

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